I experienced divorce with my parents and find this whole process terrible because women are not empowered. Something we can do here in a life coaching session.


So, there are people in your life, like your parents who still have a strong grip on you. How much does their behavior towards you influence your life and how can you control it?

How dangerous is their protest?

Image by Francesco La Corte

And telling the management can influence change, but in the long run, rather produces chaos.


I have a LIFE COACHING qualification with High Merit

studied Psychology and Social Science, Youth Crime, HND

did an access course for Women in Media

and High Merit in Creative Writing

accreditation is coming

I grew up in, moving from city to city, changing schools because of the profession of my dad. We met lots of different children and it wasn't easy. I was in good cities and bad cities. There was jealousy and hatred, and great children's playtimes. On the same time I showed a lot of talents in art and classical ballet. I was the best in sport and used to explore the countryside with my close school friends. We used to walk through forests or drove with the bikes to the next villages. Then I experienced the divorce of my parents and think that women need to be empowered. Something I want to implement into the Life Coaching sessions.

Because of my early experiences in schools and with other children and as well with my mother, who was very strict; I was searching for dream careers and I had goals. Something living in the countryside in the 80's, wasn't people talked about. So I know how it is when you have to fight and when your family doesn't agree with you. When culture plays a role. I have learned a great deal from this and can pass this on. 

I read a lot of psychology books. I love these books. I read scientific and self-help books and discovered that you have to follow them, have to copy and analyze the texts, otherwise it is all for nothing!

I read religiously the Psychologie magazine.