Sometimes strange things happen we seem to have no control over. I discovered that if we don't plan right and prepare enough things can go wrong. After hearing some stories a psychologist asked, "what happens to people"? A man declared that he didn't know anymore what happened to him, and after discovering church-life; things calmed down and became normal again.

You think you can run away, but find that there are similarities with your old life. Or, you got ill physically or mentally for doing what you dreamed of doing.

You think you plan for the future, but find yourself faced with strange occurrences that frightens you. Here in the Life Coaching sessions we can discuss that and put it right, if that is still possible.

I work with the following issues:

  • Goals 

  • Motivation

  • Career

  • Confidence

  • Fear

  • Relationships

  • Divorce

  • Mental Health

  • Bullying, Stress, Racism

  • Spiritualism - Christianity

  • Loss, Disaster, victimization

From BSY  I have the Life Coaching qualification with High Merit.

I have read a lot of psychology books from the age of 17. I love these books, I read scientific and self-help books and discovered that you have to follow them, have to copy them because otherwise, it is all for nothing.

I had my own Christian- spiritual experience.


I give you some Christian wisdom.