Thinking that I can't do it, is something many go through. The imposter syndrome is mostly combated by preparation and preparation again. We do need to allow ourselves to go through some hard times because we need time to grow. The world isn't made in one day, we are here now because of centuries of growth, suffering, wars, disaster and loss, and learning how to keep the world safe and better. And so is it with your life. We have to allow ourselves to suffer for quite some time. Before we get out and can create something nice and good.

Say; 5 years in the same job, or 5 years learning a new job. Success isn't done in one year. If you think you can do it after just one year, you going to be hit with the imposter syndrome. To stay grounded by all wind and weather is to get through the hard times.

Preparation is the golden tool you have to access, if not things can go wrong, or you end up sick with fear. If you go too fast you can end up in quicksand.

I know what it means when we feel hindered. When the family and friends ignore your plight to change your future. When they are embroiled in their own personal wars and have you drawn into.

When parents get divorced, when friends think your ideas are too far over the top. When you haven't done anything regarding! Then it's getting time to work hard and work double and prepare. Earn the money to pay for small courses or for private teachers. And perhaps you can involve your friends and family. This time of preparation, of working double shifts in order to pay for the little expensive courses or to buy the tools, is worth gold, and your ticket to your chosen future. You will meet lots of people who will not take you serious, but if you keep polite and forgiving. You teache them how things go in life. That you can teach at the end these people about how life really goes.


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Birgit Beier 

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From BSY  I have the Life Coaching qualification with High Merit.

I have read a lot of psychology books from the age of 17. I love these books, I read scientific and self-help books and discovered that you have to follow them, have to copy them because otherwise, it is all for nothing.

I had my own Christian- spiritual experience.


I give you some Christian wisdom.